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BRUNEAF (Brussels non European Art Fair) 2008

The following pages contain photos that I took during BRUNEAF in June of 2008.
The photos don't cover every gallery that was part of the event, but I hope you'll enjoy browsing through what
I was able to capture.

(Above) One of my personal favorites from Brussels this year was the collection of Colonial figures and masks from Luc Ritter's gallery 'Antiquites'.
It was a nice assemblage of expressive and interesting objects.
BRUNEAF is held every June
in the beautiful Place du
Grand Sablon area of
(left) Patrick of the Patrick & Ondine MESTDAGH Gallery.

(above) An interior shot of the downstairs area of the gallery.

(below) One of my favorite figures, I love the movement in this figure, it's
fantastic. I first saw the figure in the Aberrations and Oddities catalog and it's
moved around to a couple of dealers over the past couple of years before
ending up with Patrick who said he fell in love with it when he came across it
as well.
A couple of interior shots of Joaquin
Pecci's gallery in Brussels.
A couple of interior shots of Galerie Aethiopia which had a nice selection of shields and knives on display this year.
The always nice Michael Rhodes from New York standing next to another one
of my favorite figures. Above is an interior shot of his temporary gallery
space in Brussels.
(above) Yannik van Ruysevelt standing next to a nice bellows in his gallery space.
Renaud Vanuxem, who's permanent gallery is in
Paris, always has a nice selection of high quality
A couple of photos from Bruce Frank's temporary gallery space in Brussels.
(above) Tad Dale
(above 4 photos) Congo Gallery who had an exhibition called "Mongo - Arts and Crafts from the Heart of Congo"