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BRUNEAF (Brussels non European Art Fair) 2008
Photos page 2
(above and left) Interior photos of Pierre
Dartevelle's gallery.
(above) Olivier Castellano, who has a permanent gallery in Paris,
standing next to a wonderful Hemba figure in his temporary gallery
space in Brussels.
At the end of rue Sainte Anne is a large space that
is occupied by several dealers which include -
Ambre Congo, Galerie SL, Kumbi Saleh and Maine

The 5 photos in this group were taken in that space.
A selection of objects on display in Gallery Kumbi
Saleh's space.
(above 4 photos) The interior of Galerij KAGU which always has a great selection of top quality objects.
The Baule monkey is one of my favorites that I've ever seen in person.
Arguably one of the nicest gallery spaces in Brussels is Kevin Conru's
permanent gallery. His exhibition for BRUNEAF this year was basketry from
the Congo.
Joshua Dimondstein's (DIMONDSTEIN Tribal Arts) gallery space.
Gallery J. Visser on rue Lebeau is also another beautiful gallery
space, although I didn't capture the best part of it in this photo.
Alain Lecomte and his wife in their temporary gallery space in Brussels.
Serge Shoffel in his permanent gallery space in Brussels standing next
to a monumental Dayak Hampatong from Borneo.