In my last email earlier this year I announced that I was in the process of phasing out my Discover African Art website and
that I intended to solely focus on RAND Tribal going forward. Shortly after that announcement I was approached by
someone who was interested in giving the website a second life instead of me retiring it. I am happy to announce that
Discover African Art now has a new home and will start a new chapter in its life, a second chance if you will.

Below is the handoff announcement for the website. First a few words from me, and then a few words from Dave Dahl.

"Discover African Art was initially created in April of 2006 as an outlet for me to sell things from my collection as I slowly
upgraded it. The name "Discover African Art" comes from the fond recollection I had when I first "discovered" African art,
and how it has changed my life since then. The website mainly focused on objects made specifically for the collecting
market that were based on traditional forms, and I represented the items openly and honestly as such.

Then, in January of 2007 I launched my website RAND Tribal which focused on traditional authentic African and Oceanic
objects, and I ran each of the websites independently.

Earlier in 2016 I came to a point where I was looking at phasing out Discover African Art because I was getting down to
the last of the objects I had to offer on the site. I made an announcement about that to my client base along with the
intention to only move forward with RAND Tribal.

Dave Dahl contacted me shortly after that announcement and he expressed his interest in buying the domain name from
me. He explained to me where he was coming from and what he wanted to do with the site. I was pleasantly surprised that
there was someone who resonated with the name and wanted to give it a new life and continue what I had started. I went
out and met with Dave and we talked more and I was really comfortable with what he wanted to do with the site and I
respected his values and thoughts as they were very similar to my own. He has a desire to represent the objects he will
be putting up on the site in an honest and open way, and that was really important to me.

So after 10 years Discover African Art will have a new owner and caretaker and I'm glad it's going to a good home. Dave
is in a similar position as I was in 2006 when I started the website, but I believe he will be able to take it to a completely
different level than I was able to. I'm looking forward to working with him on his endeavor in the future, and hope that you'll
take a look at the website as it grows and I hope you'll get on his mailing list.

Thanks Dave, and good luck!"


From Dave Dahl:

"A BIG thanks to Rand Smith for honoring us by passing along the name and URL "" to us. We
endeavor to continue Rand's commitment to being REAL, by putting honest and integrity first. We are committed to
excellent value at the RIGHT price, along with truthful representation, top-tier handling, shipping, and customer service.

We are launching the site with over 250 offerings, many with free shipping in the continental US. And our "featured" items
all are offered at special introductory prices until 11/30/16! We will be working very hard to add dozens of items to the site
every week.

We also have an eBay store, with items that will not be offered on our website.

WE TELL THE TRUTH about what we sell. We strive to be authentic, and therefore we don't make unfounded claims of
"authenticity". There is way more than enough BS about art-and in particular, African art-everywhere we turn. WE
REFUSE TO ADD TO IT. We believe that the vast majority of African "tribal" art for sale-including ours-was made for the
collecting market, not for actual tribal use. That is not to say that commercially-intended art pieces are not of great
quality-many are. But they should not be otherwise portayed.

We DO sell "authentic" items (fcheck out Frank Willet's breakdown of the levels of authenticity in my blog, "A Word on
Authenticity"). And we have others that might be. Again, we will tell it like it is-no exceptions.

We try our best to price our objects accordingly. Since nobody we have met is actually an authority on the value of these
pieces, we let the market set the value. If we list a piece and it sells, the price it sells for is the price it is worth. If an item is
listed for a very long time without selling, it may be priced too high, and we will reduce it...and so on.

Please sign up for our newsletter. Our aim is to pass along interesting research results, the name of a good book, and/or
new products/services/deals. We expect lots of things to change, e.g. a tweak that makes us a better company, or an
interesting development in the African art market. One thing I am sure of: our newsletter will not disappoint!

There are no experts here. We are on a journey for which there is likely no final destination. We hope you will accompany
us, learn from us, teach us, and grow with us, as we Discover African Art.

Dave Dahl, CEO
Discover African Art"


The website URL remains the same, it just has a new look and a lot of new items.

I'd encourage you to go and check it out. I'd start by going to the BLOG section to read some of the stories from the
people that work there, including Dave's, and you'll see why it made perfect sense that Dave was the perfect person to
give the website a new home and a second chance. I'd check out the OUR STORY page and then make sure to sign up
for their newsletter on the main page and then check out the objects.

I personally feel that it's important to get to know the person behind the business and their philosophy before you dive in
to looking at the items, that was always my philosophy, and Dave has done a great job of giving it that personal touch and
I wish him all the best!
Discover African Art has a new home!