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Knobkerrie, Tanzania
28" tall
wood, pigment
Mid 20th Century


Inventory # RT102

A nice knobkerrie with an especially powerful and expressive face on the end.

"A Knobkierie, occasionally spelled knopkierie or knobkerry, is a strong, short wooden club with a heavy rounded
knob or head on one end, traditionally used by Southern African tribes including the Zulu, as a weapon in warfare
and the chase. The word Knobkerrie derives from the Dutch knop (knob or button), and the Bushman and
Hottentot kerrie or kirri (stick). The weapon is employed at close quarters, or as a missile, and in time of peace
may serve as a walking-stick. The head, or knob, is often ornately carved with faces or shapes that have symbolic
meaning. The knobkierie itself serves this function in the crest of the 2000 new federal coat of Arms of South
Africa. The name has been extended to similar weapons used by the natives of Australia, the Pacific islands and
other places. " -