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LOBI bateba ti bala dorka figure
9” tall
ex Sol and Josephine Levitt, NY
ex J. Camp, NY
ex N. Prior, NY

Figures with two heads, called
Ti Bala Dorka, represent deities whose ability to see in several
directions at once makes them exceptionally dangerous and powerful, which according to some are
used against sorcery.

"Many Lobi figures include multiple arms legs or heads. These represent
ti bala, or exceptional
persons. These are
thila that are exceptionally strong or powerful. They are particularly un-human. The
more un-human the spirit is the more powerful it is. Thus a figure with more than one head is doubly
perceptive and quick to act against malevolent forces and such double-headed figures remind us that
these are images of supernatural rather than natural creatures. " From - Christopher Roy - The Lobi of
Burkina Faso