Below are a few photos that I took at Parcours des Mondes 2008 in Paris. This year I didn't take as many photos as I have in the past
but it wasn't because of the lack of nice objects to photograph. The overall quality of the show was great and there were quite a few
more dealers participating in the show this year.

I've included some of the photos that I took at the 2007 show below the few photos that I took from this year's show.
There are a LOT of photos on this page, so it might take a while to load depending on your Internet connection speed.

A few highlights from Parcours des Mondes 2007...
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Directly above and below are photos from the interior of Galerie Albert Loeb on rue des Beaux-Arts. For the past few
years they have put on exhibitions of Bozo and Bamana puppets from Mali which have continued to be my favorite
thematic exhibitions at Parcours des Mondes. This year's exhibition was called "Figures mythiques, legendaires ou
villageoises Bozo et Bambara du Mali".

The mermaid figures that were in an alcove in the back of the gallery were some of my favorite objects from the
entire show this year.
A nice group of Senufo 'firespitter' masks at Gallery
Ratton-Hourde on rue des Bauex-Arts.
Jo de Buck had a number of nice pieces in his gallery,
but the piece that caught my attention was this great
Baule elephant mask.
Galerie Afrique held an exhibition of sculpture from the
Losso peoples of Togo. There were several hundred
figures in the gallery covering a wide spectrum of styles.
There was a lot of great art at the show this year and I wish that I'd taken more photos.

However, I did take quite a few more photos at the show last year and I've included them below.
Galerie Albert Loeb did an exhibition on bird puppets from the Bozo and Bamana of Mali last year with a lot of fantastic examples.
Included among Galerie Albert Loeb's display of bird puppets from Mali was a group of Senufo birds from the Ivory Coast.
It was a fantastic grouping showcasing a wide group of styles.
A very interesting Ewe figure from Galerie Alain Lecomte.
The highlight of the 2007 show for me was Galerie
Flak's exhibition called 'Face a Face'.
Joshua Dimondstein standing next to a fantastic Yoruba stool in his temporary gallery space.
Kevin Conru always has a selection of great objects.
Oliver Castellano, who has a permanent gallery space in Paris,
had a really fantastic selection of objects for the show this year.
Every piece was really great. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of
his gallery in Paris this year, the photo above was one that I took
in Brussels at BRUNEAF in June of 2008.