Pare female terracotta figure, Tanzania
clay, fabric, libations
ex private US collection
6 – 3/8” tall


The figure is closely wrapped in fabric which is soaked
with blackish mass with just the face left free, eyes and
mouth marked by drilled holes and incised ears. Just few
figures of the Pare are known. They could portray
ancestors or spirits and they are used by diviners,
healers and sorcerers for special rituals while others
served as containers for sacred substances.

I personally think this is a spectacular little figure with a
great presence that is hard to capture in a photo. I love
the expression.
For additional detail click on any thumbnail to see the high resolution version of the image which will open in a new window.

The last photo is a photo of the bottom of the base. The figure, at one time, was in an auction in NH and I believe these are
the labels the auction house left on it. I have priced the figure more in line with what I believe the value to be instead of
what the auction estimate was.