Giphogo/Kipoko mask, Eastern Pende, DRC
12" wide x 11" tall x 13" deep
ex private collection, US
wood, pigment
mid 20th century
definite signs of age and use


Giphogo or Kipoko masks are masks that belong to a chief
and every chief of every rank has the right to wear one. The
mask is worn for various types of important ceremonies for
the village but is especially present  for initiation ceremonies
for young boys. Numerous sources state that at the end of
the initiation each boy  must grab the mask by the ears and
eat a morsel of food that is placed on the nose or on the
shelf below the nose to be reintegrated into society.

There are a couple of  areas of old and stable damage as
seen in the photos. It is an aesthetically nice example and
the carving is well executed with a nice subtle use of
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