Nuna mask - SOLD
Sukuma mask - SOLD
Lobi head - SOLD
Punu mask - SOLD
Venavi figure - SOLD
Dogon figure - SOLD
Dogon figure - SOLD
Atie figure - SOLD
Akua'ba figures (All have been sold in this group)
Luba power figure
Lwena flywhisk handle - SOLD
Wongo figural cup
Tutsi basket
Pende Pota mask
Pende Muyombo mask
Dan Zakpai mask

'Zakpai' is the fire prevention mask. Its
function is to insure that women have put out
their cooking fires every day during the dry
season, before the afternoon winds begin to
Zakpai is aggressive, sometimes throws
things, and is meant to inspire fear.
Dan Zakpei mask
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Kwese mask - SOLD
Dida skirt #1 - SOLD
Dida skirt  - SOLD
East African objects - August 2011
Kwere gourd - SOLD
Sukuma mask - SOLD
Luguru figure - SOLD
Knobkierie - SOLD
Zulu headrest - SOLD
Lobi stool - SOLD
Tonga stool - SOLD

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I am pleased to announce the relaunch of RAND Tribal. The initial offering is a group of maternity and
fertility figures. Going forward the site will be periodically updated with new objects to build up the online
inventory. If you are looking for a particular type of object that you don’t see on the site, please do not
hesitate to contact me because I may have what you are looking for, or I can help you locate one.

Maternity and fertility figures have been a collecting passion of mine for quite some time now. Images of
women holding children represent a number of ideals. They may represent ancestors or symbols of
lineage or clan forbears, while other times they symbolize the desire for new life and prosperity. While
exhibiting a wide range of styles, they share common features throughout different cultures. The mothers
may be depicted sitting, kneeling or standing; the child may be carried on the back, to the side, standing
in front of the mother, suckling or simply held on the lap. The thing that makes them so unique and so
fascinating is the interplay between two figures in one sculpture. Frequently the children portrayed in the
sculptures are not given a personality of their own, they are carved in static poses and are treated as
extensions of their mother’s personality. Their purpose in the sculpture seems secondary, merely present
to represent the productivity of the mother.  The figures that I enjoy the most are the ones where the
children are depicted in unusual positions or poses, or are given a personality of their own in the carving.

I hope you'll enjoy the group that I'm presenting for sale.  Please feel free to
contact me with any inquiries
or questions.

Mende figure - SOLD
New objects - MAY 2011
Kuba cup SOLD
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Southern African objects - August 2011