RAND Tribal Archives

Items on this page have been sold.

If you are looking for something specific, or something similar to one of the sold objects, please don't hesitate to
contact me.
Bamana ram - SOLD
Ibeji figure - SOLD
Punu mask - SOLD
Lobi figure - SOLD
Lobi figure - SOLD
Kwere mbira - SOLD
Chokwe staff - SOLD
Lobi Yadawora - SOLD
Punu mask - SOLD
Knobkerrie - SOLD
Mossi doll #2 - SOLD
Montol figure - SOLD
Yaka figure - SOLD
Sukuma mask - SOLD
Lobi head - SOLD
Punu mask - SOLD
Dogon figure - SOLD
Kwese mask - SOLD
Dida skirt #1 - SOLD
Dida skirt  - SOLD
Kwere gourd - SOLD
Zulu headrest - SOLD
Tonga stool - SOLD
Kuba cup SOLD
Mende figure - SOLD